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Bhavishya-yaan – Spread the Light of Literacy




Bhavishya-yaan – Spread the Light of Literacy an Adult Literacy Program conducted by “Education For All Committee” at the Colaba Municipal School were held on 20th March at 3 pm at the school.  This is a unique program where the Bhavishya-yaan students will be teaching their own mothers and in turn imparting education to better their lives.


The Chief Guest for the program was Sheriff of Mumbai, Rtn. Dr. Mrs. Indu Shahani accompanied by host of other guests Addl. Municipal Commissioner, Mr. Ashish, Rtn. Gulam Vahanvaty, Rtn. Pankaj Baliga, and the ‘Education For All Committee Members.  The program started with the introduction by an HR-Sife student who called upon President Nandan Damani to start the program.


Pres. Nandan Damani spoke on how the Bhavishya-yaan program has escalated to great heights.  This program which was started about a year ago at Dr. Ambedkar School, Worli with only 40 students, now has 120 students. They started the same project at another municipal school namely the Colaba Municipal School with another 120 students, in partnership with VIDYA & SIFE HR. He further went on explain that March being declared as the Literacy Month, he was very pleased with the efforts of the Bhavishya-yaan students who are a part of the Adult Literacy program where they will be teaching their own mothers.  Hindi and Marathi will be taught by the special software developed by TCS and English conversation will be taught by the students.   He wished the program a great success.


The program started with the lighting of the lamp by Dr. Mrs. Indu Shahani, followed by Rtn. Gulam Vahanvaty, Rtn. Pankaj Baliga, Pres. Nandan Damani, Mrs. Neeta Pradhan, Rtn. Alok Sekhsaria and Prof. Pratibha Patil.


Two Bhavishya-yaan students came on to the stage and explained in their own words in English, Marathi and Hindi on how Bhavishya-yaan has helped them and made them confident to stand and speak in front of an audience and also stressed on the importance of Education.


This was followed by two mothers who came on stage.  The first mother spoke in Marathi and she mentioned that she was happy to be selected to be a part of the Adult Literacy program.  She was excited with the fact that she will be able to converse in English which was lacking even though she knew how to read and write.  The second mother sang a song on Education which moved the entire audience.


The Chief Guest, Dr. Mrs. Indu Shahani began her speech in Marathi and then spoke in Hindi where she stressed on the importance of Education and how it makes a difference to people in society.  She said that Rotary Club of Bombay has donated this very important thing i.e. Education to people, which is making a difference in their lives.  She also mentioned about how she was taken up with the 300 Anganwadi teachers who learnt English to teach their children and who put up an entire function in English where she was invited as a guest.  She thanked the Rotary Club of Bombay for doing this wonderful job and she urged all the mothers to make the best of the opportunity given to them and to make an effort not only to attend classes but to make a success out of it.


PDG Gulam Vahanvaty was very impressed with the Bhavishya-yaan project and also with the help that VIDYA & HR-SIFE is giving this project.  He is keen that this project is repeated in many Municipal Schools all over Mumbai.