A road map for the future: RIPE Rtn. Mark Maloney

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At the weekly Rotary Club of Bombay meeting, RIPE Mark Maloney was everything you would expect from a leader of the community: warm, gracious and full of thanks to District 3141 and District 3142.

RIPE Mark Maloney commenced by giving condolences, on the 10th anniversary of the 26/11 Attacks, to families who had lost their dear ones. He acknowledged the spirit of Mumbai and its bravery.

In his speech, RIPE Mark Maloney said that in Rotary there were only plans and decisions made together which needed to be embraced and implemented together to be successful. This is what he meant while talking about the Future of Rotary. It was a roadmap to the future with inspiration from the past. RIPE Mark Maloney’s speech revolved around the
Global Eradication of Polio mission. He believed that it was important to work towards it, to show the world what we could do; now was not the time to stop but to work harder towards the eradication effort.

‘Aggregate effort, increase impact, expand reach, enhance engagement’

How can we do it, asked RIPE Mark Maloney

  • We need to aggregate, he said, ensure
    that no one forgets polio is still out there
    and it is a priority for all.
  • We need to donate, for vaccines,
    laboratories and so on.
  • We need to stay the course. Be patient,
    work harder.

It was essential to the future, the responsibility of this generation, he said, to give the next one a polio-free world. Hence, it formed a main part of Rotary’s future efforts.

RIPE Mark Maloney also brought into notice a New Strategic Plan with effect from Rotary year 2019 with four priorities.

1. Increase Rotary’s Impact
In order to cope with the world, develop effective and efficient ways for carrying out sustainable work, find ways to
measure the work done for a better understanding of the economy, attract partnership and membership.

2. Expand Rotary’s reach
Find new ways to reach people with Rotary experience beyond the traditional Rotary, experiment with other ways to engage the youth and diversify membership.

3. Enhance participants’ engagement
Move forward; look up to activities and not institutions, create volunteer opportunities, online connections and professional development; treat Rotaractors as assets.

4. Increase the ability to adapt
Adjust to the world. The Rotary experience should fit with the lives of the people that we want in the organisation. He encouraged Rotarians to re-examine time commitments involved in leadership positions.

Align resources and operations to Rotary’s strategic priorities, strengthening commitments to longterm memberships, sustainability and growth; because, there is no Rotary without members.

RIPE Mark Maloney added that with a diverse, vibrant and engaged membership, Rotary was capable of doing work and being an inspiration for today, tomorrow and in the future.

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