Ambedkar School Eye Camp – Sah & Sanghi Medical Centre

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Around 100 Bhavishya Yaan children of Ambedkar School went for an eye test to the Sah & Sanghi Medical Centre. Many children were prescribed eye drops, given spectacles and were sent for further eye checks to the Vision Centre at Babulnath.

Simultaneously a meeting for all parents of Ambedkar school was held in the school hall. Mrs Niki Sanghi spoke to the parents about the clinic.

The parents were told that all treatment would be free of cost including blood tests and cataract operations along with many many other facilities. The clinic takes care of gynaecological, neurological, paediatrics, physiotherapy, and orthopaedic cases. Parents were informed that dentistry cases would be referred to our IWA clinic. Many parents who needed medical aid for their families were grateful to the Sanghi trust for their help.

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