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His trip to Brazil might be over but Vedant Kadam has come back with fire in his belly

BACK TO THE GROUND AND ready to fly again, pretty much sums up the approach of Vedant Kadam, a Bhavishya Yaan alumni
from the N M Joshi Municipal High School who was selected for the Rotary Youth Exchange Programme to go to Brazil.
Vedant was inspired and excited by his journey and thankful to Rotary Club of Bombay for sponsoring this exchange.

Vedant came to last Tuesday’s meeting and he was all smiles as he narrated his experiences with the Host Family and the Host Club which was the Rotary Club de São Paulo. He spoke about how a mere, few days in Brazil made him remember
the Indian belief of Vasudeiva Kutumbakam which means living without any biases in the world. Having toured Brazil and tried the cuisine there, Vedant sees himself as a more confident, independent, friendly and aspiring individual. He plans to go to the University of São Paulo that he had visited while he was in Brazil.

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