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Fifty-two Bhavishya Yaan students visited the Cathedral & John Connon School on December 15, 2018, for a 4C conference spearheaded by the Interact Club, the 4Cs being Care, Compassion, Collaboration and Commitment. This year’s conference aimed to bring together the Interact Club members and Bhavishya Yaan children thanks to the kindness of Mrs. Isaacs – Principal of Cathedral and Mrs. Shukla – teacher in charge of Interact.

The conference started with the BY children being served breakfast, after which neurologist Dr. Anaita Hegde gave the kids a very interesting talk on brain development. Dr Hegde explained the do’s and dont’s for brain development in
children. Her talk was followed by a number of interesting questions put forth by the kids, each of which was answered patiently by her.

A number of educational activities were planned for the Cathedral School children. There were activities based on
English, Mathematics, Science, Sports and Art but the one the children enjoyed the most was basketball!

The activities were followed by a session with blind students from St Xavier’s College accompanied by a gentleman
named Krishna. The session involved blindfolding everyone and making them move around to make us all empathise with
the blind and realise what life is like for them.

The session ended with a super lunch of dosas, idlis, medu vadas and kulfi much to the delight of all the kids. After
lunch, the children visited the senior school where they watched the rehearsal of the cathedral show ‘Encore’. The
children thoroughly enjoyed the music. Thank you Cathedral & John Connon School!

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