In Bhavishya Yaan

Professors Forest Reinhardt and Gunnar Trumbull of Harvard Business School paid a visit to Colaba Municipal Secondary School last week.

They met with the teachers of the BY programme: Reshma Shaikh, Sabina Rangwalla and Gauhar Khan who enthusiastically explained the Bhavishya Yaan programme to them and how it is deployed to help build English, computer skills and life skills. They observed, with interest, as students in the computer room worked on an Excel worksheet for their computer exam.

They also had a good meeting with Principal Magar. The Principal explained to them that 90 per cent of his students
were from slums. He said his main objective was to build good moral character and groom the children to be good citizens. He talked about the challenges that he had to deal with: the high number of drop-outs (50-60 students per year) and the transfers of students who are children of migrant workers.

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