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Dr. Vijaya Taskar is the President of Streehitkarini, a non-governmental organization providing education to women living in the slums of Mumbai.

She requested our club through the CPAA to hold a cancer screening camp for 100 women from slums and lower middle class families in Dadar, Elphinstone and Lower Parel.

Rotary Club of Bombay held another screening camp with CPAA for the same on 25th January with Shrihitkarini in Lokmanya Nagar Compound, K Gadgil Marg, Dadar.

Rotary Anne Ekta Shah from the Cancer Aid Committee ensured that the camp went on smoothly and spent time with the women, most of who were being screened for the first time.

For them to know how to do self breast examination on a regular basis was new and they learnt with concentration.

They were very thankful.

110 ladies were screened, out of which 38 ladies need further follow up.

CPAA will remind them for the same and have taken their phone numbers. This will be free of charge as well.

Also following investigations will be done for some of them after the check up. They were advised and details were shared as to where they have to get it done.
Sono-Mammo : 2
Pelvic USG: 12
USG Abdomen: 1
Thyroid investigation : 5
6 months(Tobacco habituees) : 4
Annual follow up was recommended to : 9 ladies.

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