The Urban Heritage Committee organised a wonderful evening of music, featuring acclaimed jazz pianist and composer Richard X Bennett at the Durbar Hall of the Asiatic Library on January 18, 2019. [...]

Reinventing the Asiatic

By Alpana Lath Sawai The institution makes itself more accessible by carefully preserving and digitising its catalogue, revamping its reading rooms and offering novel ways to engage with the [...]

Making History Cool

The city’s oldest public library, the Asiatic Society of Mumbai has revamped their social media feed. We meet the people who initiated the turnaround When we talk of visiting the Asiatic [...]


The Urban Heritage Committee of the Rotary Club of Bombay was formed three years ago as a result of a deep interest in conserving the historical and cultural heritage of Mumbai IT WAS FITTING [...]

Digitization of books at Asiatic Library

The Hermes team visited the Asiatic Library last week to see the restoration and conservation of books which has been sponsored by them and facilitated by the Rotary Club of Bombay. 100 books [...]

Asiatic Library Acknowledges Our Efforts

Asiatic Society of Mumbai recently published its report for the year 2017 – 2018. In their report they thanked RCB for mobilising funds amounting to ₹3,50,000/- sponsored by Hermès [...]

Urban Conservation Committee Update

I am a life member of Asiatic Society of Mumbai and attended 213th Annual General meeting on Saturday, 19th August in the Town Hall of the Society. At the 213th Annual General meeting of the [...]

Urban Conservation Committee Report 2016

The Urban Conservation Committee successfully executed the extension of the Conservation Laboratory at the Asiatic Society, and the restoration space is already being utilized. This project got [...]

Public Relations Committee Report 2016

RCB’s contribution to Asiatic Library’s book conservation capabilities received a lot of appreciation from the press in the form of large features. Thus, the Public Relations Committee has been [...]

Book Launch At Asiatic Society

The Urban Heritage Renewal Committee is pleased to announced the launch of ‘Conservation Laboratory at the Asiatic Library’, during the evening weekly Club meeting at the Asiatic Society on [...]

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