Committee Report ADMC

 In Ajit Deshpande Medical Centre

Name of the Committee : Ajit Deshpande Medical Centre (ADMC – Talwada)

Director-in-charge: Rtn Tara Deshpande
Chairperson: Rtn Dr Mehernosh Dotivala
Co-Chair: Rtn Dr Sorab Javeri

Name of Committee Members: Rtn Dr Rohini Chougule, Rtn Dr Mala Jagtiani, PP Rtn Dr Rumi Jehangir, Rtn Dr Rajeev Narvekar, Rtn Rahil Shah, PP Rtn Dr Zerxis Umrigar & PP Rtn Nowroze Vazifdar

Number of Committee meetings held: Nil

Objective: To maintain good medical facility for the rural population in and around Talwada & continue providing services for the rest of the year.

Number of Beneficiaries: 6288 (For the months of July’17, August’17 & September’17)

(a) Sanctioned budget: 20,00,000/- ( Twenty Lakhs Only)
(b) Spent till date: 1,54,802/- (One Lakh Fifty Four Thousand Eight Hundred & Two Only)

On-going Project:
1st Sunday of the month team is lead by Rtn Dr Rohini Chougule for COPD, TB and sickle cell anaemia. Patients are examined and given medication as required. X Rays are taken where indicated. 50 to 60 patients are seen by her and her team. 2nd and 3rd Sunday team consisting of Dr Srinivas Kamath, Dr Ajay Gupta and Dr Neeraj Kolge along with Rotractors of Government Dental College (GDC) and Rtns on the ADMC committee visit the centre.

On each visit around 60 to 100 patients are examined and treated for fillings, root canal treatment, x rays, prophylaxis (cleaning), extractions and replacement of missing teeth where indicated. On the 4th Sunday, visit by Paediatrician Dr Bijoy Apte, attends to about 50 children coming to the centre.

Every Sunday there is a pathology technicianwho submits reports for the patients referred by doctors from ADMC. On the days when the HTEC doctors are visiting Talwada he attends on Saturday and Sunday. Our Medical officer Dr Ashwini Bhusara attends daily to patients with routine medical problems from morning 9:00 to 12:00 and evening 4:00 to 6:00. She see around 2000 patients per month.

All the services rendered at ADMC are free of cost to the patients.

Projects completed till date: The above mentioned facilities have been implemented and are providing great relief to the local rural population of Talwada.

(a) Projects planned for the rest of the year: The above mentioned projects will continue for the rest of the year.
(b) Action plan to carry out the planned project: Action plan would be to support the centre and work towards the smooth running of the centre.

In any way the Board can help to expedite the planned projects?
We would appreciate if the board can create awareness amongst Rotarians of the work done at Talwada which would inspire them to pay a visit and appreciate the same.

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