Creative workshop makes students put on their thinking caps

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Art and Creative workshops are conducted to introduce Bhavishya-Yaan students to creative careers such as the fine arts, the performing arts and creative writing. One such programme was arranged at the N.M. Joshi Marg Municipal School on July 25 by Priyasri Patodia and Ms Hima (a former student of J.J. School) where the students were shown a range of career options. It was emphasised that becoming an architect or an interior decorator was a creative profession but choosing to be a carpenter was an equally lucrative and creative option and a carpenter could earn between Rs. 750 and Rs. 1,000 per day.

First batch: A reporting excise was taken up to give an idea of a journalist’s work. The students were told to report a problem in their locality and report one change that had benefited everyone. The students reported about people disposing waste on the roads, thus dirtying the entire locality; some said that problems were due to lack of toilets. However, the biggest problem was water shortage. Shreyash Patne drew a man throwing garbage from his window. Shraddha Babar showed how water clogged the area after heavy rains. Tejas Bugade drew a “top view” of his chawl showing congestion, garbage and water collecting in the playground.

Second batch: The children were told to think up a futuristic product which would be multi-functional and would help in solving problems. They were asked to use their imagination. In this activity thoughtprovoking activity, Sachin Sutar came up with the idea of multi-functioning shoes and a watch useful mainly for girls with a G.P.S. system and a speed-booster with wheels; the shoes would have sensors and an alarm to inform the police if the girl sensed danger. Tejaswini Budake made a flying house and a flying bicycle to reduce pollution and prevent cutting of trees. Prasad Shelar made four products, including a language translator for animals which will translate whatever animals say into a local language so that it is easier to treat them.

Conclusion: The children are aware of what’s happening in their locality. They have creativity, artistic skills and are highly imaginative. They learnt about creative career options and realised that everything involves designing.

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