Drama at Asiatic’s Darbar Hall by The Urban Heritage Committee

 In Urban Conservation (Asiatic Society)

Rotarians and their guests were regaled by a powerful performance of ‘9 Parts of Desire’ a one-woman act by Ira Dubey. The award-winning, internationally acclaimed play by Heather Raffo was organised by the Urban Heritage Committee at Asiatic Library’s historic Darbar Hall, on March 17. The play is an unflinching look at the heartrending effect of the Gulf Wars and the Saddam Hussain regime on the lives of nine Iraqi women from different walks of life. It was a tour de force by actor Dubey who superbly captured the pain and hopelessness of the characters. The play was directed by Lillete Dubey with support from an excellent production team. Apart from enjoying the mesmerising play, the audience also had the pleasure of taking in the historic ambience of the Town Hall, which is one of UHC’s prime projects.

Another event at this heritage venue will be held on April 27, 2018 – watch out for further details.

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