Everyone who attends RFH will be thoroughly entertained

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What makes Race for Humanity such a must-attend event? Rtn. Satyan Israni fields a few quick questions

This is one event which sees the marriage of the tenets of the Rotary movement i.e. Service and Fellowship. It’s
a wonderful opportunity to be a part of an event dedicated to raising funds for the various causes of Rotary and at the same time to interact and mingle with friends and like-minded people from the Rotary world and also be entertained at the same time. In fact, this time, we will have the Rotary International President Elect Rtn. Mark
Maloney attending the event as well as Rotary International President Nominee Rtn. Sushil Gupta. This makes it a double bonanza for every Rotarian to get a chance to connect with the topmost leadership of the Rotary movement. This
is one opportunity that simply cannot be missed!

What has gone into the planning of this event in terms of manpower and time? The planning for this event began way
back in May 2018 when Rtn. Sandip Agarwalla first requested I take up this challenge. Since then, we have been
ideating, planning and executing. The team began with one person, later expanded to eight people and has now expanded to more than 20 people from our Club who are actively involved in its planning and execution. There are also several people working behind the scenes. It is definitely time-consuming but is very prestigious at the same time and, therefore, it has to be a success.

Why call it Race for Humanity? There are seven horse races with the trophy of each race sponsored by a Rotary Club in an effort to raise anywhere between Rs 3 to 4 crore. The entire money raised will be given towards the various causes of the Rotary movement.

What is your appeal to Rotary members and the general public? Is it open to non-members too?

This event is open to everyone including kids. Our appeal is only to come and attend the event and experience the joy of giving and we promise everyone who attends that they will be well fed and thoroughly entertained. Tickets are
available online at BookMyShow and also with the Rotary Club of Bombay. So, anyone interested can procure them from these two channels.

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