Fellowship by Rotarian Swati Mayekar on November 5th

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November kicked off with a delightful Maharashtrian themed Fellowship on the 5th evening, hosted by new Rotarian Swati Mayekar and her dazzling celebrity dentist Rotary Andy Dr. Sandesh at their beautiful Bandra Bandstand bungalow.

The fellowship began with the warm hosts Swati & Sandesh and their daughter Saloni receiving all 23 attendees including President Ramesh Narayan in their tastefully furnished first floor sprawling living room with a sea facing front balcony and a cosy back garden with eye catching art and artistic rangoli at the entrance.

Introductions were followed by conversations over choicest cocktails and savoury snacks both Maharashtrian veg and non-veg with the guests being spoilt for choice.

Then came the exciting entertainment which was a 30 minute energetic ethnic Maharashtrian Lavni performance over popular tracks by the talented danseuse Vidya. She was gracious and glamorous in her gleeful movements and held the audience mesmerised by her swaying, whirling and gyrating routine. What a lovely gesture by the hosts to organise such a visual treat.

Dinner followed the dance, which was an exceptional variety and sumptuous buffet of veg and nonveg Maharashtrian fare with wide choice to satisfy one and all. Desserts were also the main Mumbai local favourites which left all feeling sweet and satiated.

The Fellowship Committee offers its warmest thanks to Rotarian Swati Mayekar and her charming husband Dr. Sandesh for a most memorable evening of Rotarian bonding, indulgence and enjoyment.

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