Inner Wheel Club of Bombay ushers in a New Year

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Inner Wheel Club of Bombay ushered in its 56th year with the installation of President Pallavi Nerker on July 10, 2018. The prestigious Mira Mehta Award was also presented on the occasion.

Chief Guest District Chairman Vidhya Subramanian and Guest of Honour, President of the Rotary Club of Bombay, Vijay Jatia congratulated the IWC members on their extensive and effective portfolio of projects.

President Pallavi spoke about her plansfor the forthcoming year, to focus on rural and urban progress, through medical, health and educational amenities. She believes that Sustainability is the most important aspect in undertaking effective projects. Rtn. President Vijay presented a cheque of Rs. 2 lakhs to the club.

He said that both the clubs lead towards similar goals and was happy to do some projects together, since working in synergy will help to extend their service frontiers.

The annual Mira Mehta Award instituted in memory of PDC Mira Mehta by Rtn. Ramesh Mehta and family was presented to Mukta Nalawade for her selfless work with deaf and dumb children.

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