ISME Management School Students visit Bhavishya Yaan

 In Bhavishya Yaan

ISME Management School in Mumbai is doing a STEAM MODULE (S – Science, T – Technology, E – English, A – Art, M – Mathematics) with Bhavishya Yaan students from grade 6th – 8th in GK Marg Municipal School.

15 college students will be coming every Saturday and teach our 50 children different concepts of Science, Technology, English, Art, and Mathematics.

The first module was done on 18th August on Science. Concepts covered were: Importance of Critical Thinking, Application of Physics and Mensuration and Mechanism of an Electric Circuit.

Activities conducted were: Importance of Critical Thinking – The session began with a critical thinking riddle, which helped the BY students understand the importance of “Thinking out of the Box” and using “Innovative Ideas”.

Application of Physics and Mensuration – The second activity was to create a self-standing tower out of just 12 A-4 sheets.

The intention of this activity was to help the students understand the importance of having a strong base and a firm foundation while creating any structure.

Mechanism of an Electric Circuit – This activity helped the students understand the functioning of an electric circuit and the process of connecting the circuit to an LED bulb.

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