Kandivli’s Gift Works At The HTEC, Talwada

 In Phiroze Ruttonshaw Vakil Eye Care

The “Opmi Lumera 300” microscope, a quality product of Carl Zeiss and a gift from the Rotary Club of Kandivli, has been put to use at the Hasanali Tobaccowala Eye Centre at Talwada. According to HTEC Chairman PP Dr. Rumi Jehangir the highly-sophisticated microscope was mobilized without waiting for a formal inauguration because of the need to perform some delicate procedures. The instrument, said to be worth Rs. 23 lakhs, was extremely helpful in the surgeries performed on a few patients admitted to the wards of the HTEC.

Members will recall that at the meeting of August 25, IPP Anuj Ajmera of the Kandivli Club had made a symbolic presentation of the equipment to IPP Shailesh Haribhakti, PP Dr. Rahim Muljiani, Chairman Emeritus of Talwada, and PP Dr. Rumi Jehangir in the presence of President Dr. Sonya Mehta. IPPAnuj said that the donation was sourced from a donor with the specific object of helping poor and needy patients for eye-related problems. The Rotary Club of Borivli Charitable Trust also supported the cause. The donors, the Buhariwala family, live in the UK.

PP Dr. Rumi Jehangir described the microscope as “an excellent instrument, with superb optics and visualisation of ocular tissues; it is used for eye surgeries including for cataract, glaucoma, vitrectomy and other microsurgical procedures.” The HTEC operates on about 800 poor and needy patients every year.

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