Keeping the elderly in mind

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Realising that old age is a second childhood and a time when one needs love and care, 17 Interactors of the Interact Club of Bharda New High visited an old age home – Our Lady of Piety – at Vijaywadi, Chira Bazar, at 11.30 am along
with their moderators Mrs. Tasneem Gilitwala, Mrs. Shubhangi and Principal Vinita Lewis. The Club had obtained prior permission to do this.

When the Interactors reached the Home, the inmates were saying their prayers (rosary) together, in a common area. There were 14 elderly people in all, from ages 60 to 80. Residents of the home welcomed Interact with sweet smiles
and were most cooperative. The Club, through interaction, discovered that the residents were mostly from abandoned
families and a few of them were also physically challenged.

Club moderator Mrs. Tasneem Gilitwala introduced Interact to the residents. To break through their daily monotony,
Past President Habban Bhoira along with the Vice President Int. Imran Siddique conducted a game of Housie to entertain them. Interactors assisted the elderly in playing Housie, which was enjoyed by all.

Int. Hozefa Hotelwala and Imran Siddique sang old, melodious songs. Interactors made them sing along with them and
it was a delight to hear them sing cheerfully! Interactors presented a small gift to each and every member. They also donated biscuits, wheat flour and tea powder. The residents were very friendly and their smiles touched all hearts,
conveying the message that they were happy to have company.

Mrs. Cynthia, a resident, thanked all the Interactors for their good work and said that such a visit revealed their good intentions. Though only an hour was spent with the residents, the Interactors learned the value of love and care. The visit opened their eyes towards treating their grandparents with tenderness and strengthened their bonds with the generations preceding their own.

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