RCB Strengthens the VMSB Vision!

 In Phiroze Ruttonshaw Vakil Eye Care

Established in 1902, The Victoria Memorial School for the Blind (VMSB) has been in the service of the visually impaired for over 110 years. On the 7th of January, 2016, the RCB was pleased to show its support by donating Brail software to the VMSB. The support given by RCB through Dr. Batra’s Foundation will facilitate the institution in numerous ways including the ability to print Braille material for the students as well as the library and Resource Center members, in a more efficient manner.

Another area that will benefit from RCB’s patronage is ‘JAWS’, which provides Computer education via special software designed for the visually impaired, by reading aloud all text that is on the PC screen. Over 600 students have gained training in this center. Now, even more students will get to use computers when required. Also, the enhanced Typeability will enable a greater number of students to learn typing with increased speed, which is essential especially for getting government jobs. The VMSB sincerely thanked the RCB for the vital support.

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