Rotaract Club of Jai Hind College – Cheekh

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On the occasion of International Women’s Day, i.e., 8th March, the Rotaract Club of Jai Hind College brings back its flagship project ‘Cheekh’!

Cheekh, as the name suggests is the loud yet feeble cry for help by a woman exploited by the patriarchal society. The Rotaract Club of Jai Hind College aims at making this call heard nationally and sensitizing the masses to the adversaries of the women who are bought and sold, and very conveniently reduced to a commodity. Cheekh is a campaign against women trafficking which highlights the victimization of the women we have outcaste from society through depictive flash mobs at various public places like International Airport, Malls and Flea markets.

Come join us as we realize the need for change and take the first step towards making it.

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