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Our Rotarian Pritam Sanghai’s daughter – Shriya (a BD Somani grade 12 student) showed interest in volunteering at RCB’s project Lighthouse. She spent time with our students and shared her experience with a very sweet thank you note.

“I would like to thank Rotary for this great opportunity because it’s a way to give back to society. For me the world is like a canvas and I want to add colour to it. When I first visited RCB’s Lighthouse project on 18th August, the
children were having a session on “good touch – bad touch.“

I have always been enthusiastic about various social activities. But this experience was very different. It is very important to be mature and understanding while explaining children and their parents the importance of “touch”.

While sitting for those 2 hours I observed the way the children and their parents reacted to that information. I also interacted with the children and asked them if they understood what was talked about. Even though they giggled at first, surprisingly they did understand. I also noticed the way the mothers looked out for their children. Each time their child got distracted they would tell them to pay attention. It was a great learning experience!

The children loved talking but didn’t have the confidence. I will be focusing on their communication skills.”

– Shriya Sanghai

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