Rtn. Vineet Suchanti on Jal Jeevan, the Water Resources Committee

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Jal Jeevan is an initiative that provides safe drinking water to slums in and around Mumbai. By installing a 10,000 litre purification plant, or a Jal Jeevan Centre, the committee has been able to ensure hygienic drinking water to various areas.

Once the plant is installed, training and advocacy is provided by experts on various topics to a Self-Help Group (SHG), who run the centre. The water is sold at 50 paise a litre.

So far, the Rotary Club has already established four centres at Rafi Nagar, Rathodi, Ambujwadi, and Sathe Nagar.

This has directly affected the lives of over 50,000 Mumbaikars. Eureka Forbes is RCB’s partner in providing all the plant equipment and contributing to part of of the project cost.

Recently, the Water Resource Committee also installed filtration plants in 11 schools in Malvani, Malad. These plants ensure clean and safe drinking water to over 4,700 students at these schools.

Another project that has recently been completed is the installation of purification plants at 4 hostels (2 boys’ and 2 girls’) at JJ Hospital, directly benefitting over a 1,000 students.

Rtn. Vineet Suchanti also took this opportunity to thank all the members of the Water Resources Committee, with special mention to Past President Rtn. Sandip Agarwalla for his continuing efforts in this noble cause.

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