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 In Ananda Yaan

Rtn. Vikram Dahiya organised a kirtan and satsang (religious song and lecture) on February 22 to spread the message of The Gita to elders at the Ananda Yaan Centre at Dr. E. Moses Road. Sriman Satyanand Das and Nand Gop Das from ISKCON’s Chowpatty Temple, also known as the Hare Krishna Temple, addressed 75 senior citizens as well as their grandchildren.

They shared, with listeners, how life is filled with problems for all, no matter who they are, and one could seek the blessings of god and godly people in happiness and distress too! Impossible things became possible through the power of blessings. One of the popular ways of seeking shelter and connecting with god is by chanting his transcendental name.

The members were made to chant the Hare Rama Hare Krishna mantra for 15 minutes which was beneficial not only for their lungs but which also took them inwards. Speakers enjoyed the session as much as RCB’s enthusiastic audience.

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