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ISME finished its module at G K Marg with a drawing competition

ON A MUGGY SATURDAY afternoon, 70 excited children gathered at Bhavishya Yaan’s G K Marg School. STEAM was drawing to a close and on October 20th, the kids participated in a drawing competition to note the end of the module.

STEM is a universally accepted teaching module that stands for out of the box and holistic learning in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The A that makes it STEAM denotes arts which was added later when the need was felt. At G K Marg, the module for STEAM was formulated by the students of ISME (the Indian School of Management and Entrepreneurship).

The module comprised of eight sessions which began in August 2018. The sessions comprised of activities that exposed students to various application-based challenges that helped them channelize and initiate a lateral approach to problem solving.

Under science, students learnt to measure lung capacity, while under technology and engineering, they combined the two to construct skyscrapers out of paper. They also engineered their very own roller coasters, keeping in mind inclination and speed aspects of science.

Students were introduced to the concept of “Best out of waste” in the art module where they were taught how to recycle newspapers into usable bags. They were also exposed to Vedic mathematics concepts, giving them a new perspective and simplified methods of calculation.

STEAM by ISME is a step further into the path of enlightening the lives of underprivileged students, flagged by Rotary Club of Bombay’s Bhavishya Yaan initiative. After starting off with STEM, ISME went ahead and added art; they are looking forward to adding entrepreneurship to future modules.

Rtn. (Dr.) Mrs Indu Shahani, also President, Chairman and Founding Dean for ISME, believes in creating smart and
responsible managers and in helping students to scale up their capabilities along with maintaining sensitivity and
empathy towards society. The school’s Social Responsibility has been given to its Director Prof Arwa Baldiwala. It was under the guidance of Prof Baldiwala that the students of ISME could enthusiastically bring this project to its
fruition and help nurture minds younger than their own.

The drawing competition finale was also an important activity to see whether G K Marg students had retained what they had learned in their STEAM sessions and were able to apply it to diverse future areas.

The students of ISME that volunteered at the school are Yashvi Shah, Sakshi Sanghavi, Mridula Athreya, Shivani
Agrawal, Yash Dandavate, Aditi Kamdar, Saanchi Sutaria, Bhavesh Jain, Parth Doshi, Meet Gupta, Devam Jhabak, Dhvani D Shah, Adnan Tankiwal, Drishti Shah and Rehaan Peer. Together, they got the privilege and opportunity to change not
just the lives of the children they had taught but also their own. They hope to continue this legacy and witness legends being made amongst these schools and to see children break out of the social paradigms they were born into.

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