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Friday 27th April heralded a delightful opportunity for our music loving Rotarians who were treated to a magical evening of Sufi Music and Poetry at the iconic Darbar Hall of the Asiatic Library, Fort, Mumbai.

The event was organised by the Fellowship Committee and hosted by the Urban Heritage Committee.

All attending were welcomed with a high tea served in the recently renovated first floor Central foyer reception area of the Asiatic Society Library. Rotary Members and other attendees including Rotaractors got an hour to bond and fill their stomachs with tasty hor d’oeuvres before heading for the auditory and visual offering in the Darbar Hall.

The soul stirring performance was delivered by the talented, melliflous and passionate virtuoso Sufi vocalist Radhika Nayak Sood, who accompanied by her troupe, hypnotised the audience with her live explanation of each verse and nuance of the poetry of the celebrated Panjabi Sufi poet Baba Bulleh Shah, and then rendering the songs in her beautiful voice which filled the entire room with its divine calling and intonation. The grand climax at the closing was with the popular Panjabi hit “Bulla Ki Jaana Main Kaun” and encore with the Sindhi anthem “Damadam Mast Kalandar”.

This was the first instance of a musical soiree being held in the Darbar Hall and the vocalist expressed that she was inspired by the room and the venue which uplifted her spirits to give her best, despite the complicated acoustics.

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