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Project Echo was initiated with the aim of bridging the massive academic lacuna that exists between the public and private education spheres in India. It enables both sides of the spectrum to understand each other as well as introduce them to a whole new world. The aim of ECHO is to provide equal opportunity to all children so that they can initiate the needed change in our society. Under the passionate leadership of Rtn. Freyaz Shroff, Project ECHO, in its second year now, saw an even greater successful run this year, spread over five days, from the 3rd of April to its culmination into the grand finale on the 7th of April, 2016, at the KC College Auditorium, with active participation from a 106 students from Municipal Schools, 40 Rotaractors and 10 Echo alumni. The event aims at making good the deficiency in Indian public schooling, by providing students exposure via training in areas that would help in their personality development and assist them in their onward journey into college.

Echo paves the way to a brighter and more sensitised future for all students, regardless of where they come from. The endeavor was to provide every child a safe and secure atmosphere, motivation and support and most importantly, friends and values for a lifetime. Along with these essentials, three healthy meals and snacks were provided daily. The main goal of ECHO is to provide equal opportunity to every child and an experience that they wouldn’t encounter in the normal course of their lives. A faulty education system is one of the primary causes of India’s economic problems. This is a step in the right direction, to correct this fundamental flaw.

Lack of knowledge, awareness or support should no longer be an excuse to keep a child away from the right to a bright future. As part of the programs, the popular ‘Gender Sensitisation’ session was conducted by Rtn. Nandan Maluste and R’anne Arnaz Soonawalla, and organized by R’anne Meher Poonawalla of the Women Empowerment Committee. The ‘Health and Hygiene’ session was organised by incoming President, Dr. Mukesh Batra and the session was conducted by Dr. Gaikar from Dr. Batra’s clinic. Rtn. Dr. Indu Shahani generously sponsored the premise for all five days of the ECHO, of which 2 days were held at HR College and 3 days at the brand new beautiful ISME (Indian School of Management & Entrepreneurship) campus.

ECHO’s vision is to touch as many lives as possible and increase that count yearly. The goal is to eventually transform the Indian Education System as a whole via the Indian youth, so we can collectively transform India into the country we want it to become, the power it is destined to be! To further ECHO’s success, support is needed in the form of inspirational personalities who can motivate students to achieve more and constantly raise the bar. Bringing together several Committees including Bhavishya Yaan, Night Study Centres, Women Empowerment and Rotaract, ECHO has had a unifying effect in bringing together more Rotarians and their spouses! R’anne Rashna Cooper, President of the Inner Wheel Club of Bombay, who has served successfully as the Coordinator of the Worli BY program, has great faith in ECHO.

She supported and encouraged the Rotaractors and participants from the inception. The generous donation made by The Inner Wheel Club of Bombay enabled providing breakfast, hot lunch and a snack to all participants for 3 days. Architect Hafeez Contractor and his wife Pearl Contractor, along with the ISME team, sponsored the meals on the remaining 2 days. The ECHO finale was attended by several Rotarians and Rotaryannes including President Rtn. Dr. Sonya Mehta.

The judges included Rtn. Preeti Mehta, Rtn. Hiren Kara and our very own Bomi Framroze. Under the leadership of Rtr. Gotham Tikyani, President RCHR, and his ECHO 2016 team lead by Rtr. Keesha Keshkamat, 42 HR College Rotaractors served in various roles including school specific mentors, activities team, logistics committee. The team of Echo 2016 would like to give a special mention and thanks to President Rtn. Dr. Sonya Mehta and Jt. Secretary Rtn. Framroze Mehta for giving ECHO 2016 the much needed impetus!

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