The Rcb Diagnostic Centre For Children Supported By The Cathedral & John Connon School Interact Club, Mumbai

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Installation of Gastro-Intestinal Diagnostic equipments (Colonoscope and Endoscope) at GB Pant Children’s Hospital. Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir

Who will benefit from this global grant? Provide the estimated number of direct beneficiaries

Children of the Kashmir Valley will be directly benefiting from this grant. Approximately, 150 patients per day report to the hospital with GI diseases in the OPD. Of this 3-4 patients require GI endoscopy daily. This facility is not available at all in any centre or hospital in the Kashmir Valley. Therefore, it is expected that approximately 1,000 children/year will be benefitting directly from this facility. It will serve the needs of children afflicted with GI diseases. These were found to be necessary on the basis of referrals of such patients to medical institutions outside of the Kashmir Valley, by the local doctors in Srinagar, as these equipments were not available. The statistics were collated from the hospital records of both inpatients and outpatients. Approximately, 150 patients per day report to the hospital with GI diseases in the OPD.

How will the project address these community needs

By providing necessary diagnostic and therapeutic equipments for identifying GI diseases and then treating them, as most of these GI diseases manifest as chronic diseases, the morbidity rate is high (almost 70%) The local doctors and specialists at GB Pant Hospital were consulted about their most pressing needs in wake of the unmitigated disaster caused by the devastating floods in Jammu and Kashmir state in September, 2014. The project aligns well with the initiatives of both the State government and other NGOs to rehabilitate and reconstruct the numerous medical, educational facilities and housing destroyed during the floods.


1) Term Gift (contributed by the Cathedral and John Connon School) : US$ 47,000

2) District Designated Fund 3140 : US$ 9,000

3) RCB (through contribution of Rtn Rajas Doshi): US$ 5,000

4) The Rotary Foundation Global Grant : US$ 11,500

5) Total = US$ 72,500 (1 US$= `66) `4,785,000

The Global Grant application approval is expected very shortly from the TRF and the funds are also expected soon. This project is done with an international partner, Rotary Club of Bergen (Ramsey), U.S.A., although we have not sought any funding from them. Reported by : Past President, Rtn Sandip Agarwalla Project Co-ordinator

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