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In my struggle of 20 years having tried to lose weight myself, more often than not, I chose the easy way out and found one excuse after another for not losing weight – one of the most common being my mid age resulting in the slowing down of my metabolism.

Seeing what Rtn. Mr. Paul George & Rtn. Mr. Sandip Agarwalla had achieved and my subsequent interaction with Rtn. Mr. Paul George on how it had changed his life, inspired me to take small steps in my journey of weight loss. In the subsequent 1 year, I was able to shed 15 kgs out of my target of 30 kgs and I credit the inspiration I received from Rtn. Mr. Paul George & Rtn. Mr. Sandip Agarwalla as one of the factors of this achievement.

Both advised me that they had been able to achieve what they had done by following a regular fitness regime and controlled diet. Following these 2 simple mantras, not only was I able to lose weight but it helped improve my self-confidence and the relationship with my wife.

I wanted to share my experience with my fellow Rotarians on how I was able to draw inspiration from Rtn. Mr. Paul George & Rtn. Mr. Sandip Agarwalla and how we can inspire each other to achieve what otherwise seem difficult, if not impossible tasks.

Kudos to the spirit of The Rotary Club of Mumbai and its Members.

Thanking you & Best Regards, Vivek Himatsingka

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