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The Women’s Empowerment Committee (WEC) began the current Rotary year with continued support to the International Women’s Association (IWA) in an on-going effort to help underprivileged slum children, who are being prepared by the “Prem Daan” nuns and teachers of Garden School, to enter regular schools.

Last year’s health check-up was an eye opener to the fact that not even one child met the “average” growth parameters specified for Indian children.

This finding led to a nutrition programme being introduced, wherein a supplemental Breakfast / Mid-Day Meal, consisting an egg / a banana / milk / etc, was introduced.

Although the period between starting this nutrition programme and the students leaving Garden School was not long enough to create a major difference in their growth parameters, it was marked that the students were far more alert and attentive in school.

This year, on 10th July, IWA and WEC volunteers, Dr. Aspi Mehta, Ms Pervin Jehangir, Ms Veera Jamshedji, Ms Dinavan Mehta and Rtn. Purnima Sheth, organised a meeting at the Garden School where parents of this year’s students were made aware of the nutrition program as also the various medical facilities available at the IWA Clinic. Our volunteers assisted the parents with filling up a Form containing relevant information on 118 children and their families.

As these parents are basically day labourers and unable to take leave to accompany their children for health check-ups, 2 Medical Camps have been organised at the IWA Clinic for the Garden School children on 31st July and 2nd August. The information collected will help the Doctors in diagnosing and treating the little 4 to 5 year old children who are incapable of providing correct and relevant information.

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