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About 200 enthusiastic children of the G.K. Marg Municipal School took part in a special Yoga session for Bhavishya-Yaan students on July 17 to celebrate the International Day of Yoga. Joining them were the Principal, several teachers and staff members of the school. The session was conducted by an eminent instructor, Mr. Kush Panchal, who has several certificates and degrees (both from India and abroad) to this credit. He is the first Indian to conduct workshops merging Yoga with dance on the streets of London. In fact, “Yoga Magazine” bestowed upon him the title “Bollywood Yoga Legend”.

Mr. Panchal explained the basics of Yoga and taught the children Yoga moves mixed with dance. And as he demonstrated some simple but important asanas, they joined him with unbridled enthusiasm. At the end of the session, he also shared some memory techniques which would help in their daily studies. The teachers present appreciated the suggestions. The children were given a booklet on Yoga asanas for practise and a magazine on Yoga. These were sponsored by Sitaram Shah. Later, they were offered snacks by Rotaryann Nandita Patodia. Inner Wheel President Rashna Cooper and Rotaryann Rinku were among those who attended the programme which was organised by Rotaryann Ekta Shah, the Coordinator for the Bhavishya- Yaan project at the G.K. Marg Municipal School. Rotaryann Asha Shah (volunteer) and the Bhavishya-Yaan staff members at the school also helped in making the session a grand success.

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