We congratulate Rtn. Poonam Lalvani on receiving the Hall of Fame Award 2019 for Influencer of the Year in Early Childhood Education. The award ceremony was held at Jaipur where the award was [...]


NOVEMBER 24 4.30 pm: Laying the foundation of the plaque at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya for the facade illumination project helmed by Rotary Club of Bombay. NOVEMBER 25 1-1.30 [...]


THE NEW X-RAY MACHINE, donated by Homi Bhabha and dedicated in honour of his mother, the late Dr. Amy Bhabha, is up and running at the Ajit Deshpande Medical Centre (ADMC), Talwada. Rtn. (Dr.) [...]

ADMC Update

The Ajit Deshpande Medical Center at Talwada sports a hi-tech look at the TB Clinic where a Doctor uses a Tab to generate an e-prescription which is printed out on a wifi enabled printer. [...]

Talwada Report

Over 60 Rotarians, Rotaryannes, their relatives and Rotaractors piled into a specially engaged bus, several cars and made the pilgrimage to Talwada on 26/11/17. This was a historic day in the [...]

ADMC Talwada Report

The ADMC Committee is glad to inform fellow Rotarians about the installation of a cell counter machine for the pathology department. We would like to thank the Women’s Empowerment Committee [...]

Committee Report ADMC

Name of the Committee : Ajit Deshpande Medical Centre (ADMC – Talwada) Director-in-charge: Rtn Tara Deshpande Chairperson: Rtn Dr Mehernosh Dotivala Co-Chair: Rtn Dr Sorab Javeri Name of [...]

ADMC Report – September 2017

Rtn. Dr. Sorab Javeri and Rtn. Dr. Mehernosh Dotivala visited Ajit Deshpande Medical Centre (ADMC) Talwada on 8th October 2017. The photographs itself show the number of patients who were present [...]

The Talwada Project

The model Indian Tribal area In 1971, the Rotary Club of Bombay adopted a tribal area, consisting of 10 villages, and 25,000 tribes, along the national highway. Though, less than 100 miles from [...]

Ajit Deshpande Medical Center Report 2016

At the ADMC, on the 1st Sunday of every month, a chest physician team visits the center for COPD, TB and Sickle Cell anemia. Approx. 50 patients are examined and treated. On the 2nd and 3rd [...]