Avenue of Service: Youth Service

Representatives at the 2010 Council on Legislation approved an enactment 28 April to add a fifth Avenue of Service: New Generations. It is dedicated to the “Service for the development of young persons for responsible world citizenship”.

After adopting an amendment to change the name from Youth Service, as originally proposed, to New Generations, the Council narrowly supported the addition to article 5 of the Standard Rotary Club Constitution. The 263-250 vote was received by surprised gasps and applause after a short debate.

New Generations joins Club Service, Vocational Service, Community Service, and International Service as the foundation of club activity. Before starting a project, Rotarians are asked to think broadly about how their club and its members could contribute within each avenue.

The Avenue of New Generations recognizes the positive change implemented by youth and young adults involved in leadership development activities, community and international service projects, and exchange programs that enrich and foster world peace and cultural understanding.

Our club’s New Generations focus on all youth programs was the reason for almost doubling our membership in 3 years. It has been wonderful to watch the Rotary commitment to youth across the world; I commend Council on an excellent decision.

This will set strong foundations which will ensure that Ray Klingham Smith’s commitment to building bridges and building communities will continue to permeate down to the children and youth of the world , who ARE the future of Rotary , and the future of our world!.

Understanding New Generations Exchange (NGE)
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(Approved by EEMA Conference 2004 Bruxelles)

A new short-term exchange opportunity

The RI Board recently agreed to offer an additional exchange option under the auspices of the current Youth Exchange Program. People who are 18 to 25 years old are now eligible to participate in a special New Generations Exchange. The New Generations Exchange Program is a short-term exchange, from three to six weeks in duration.

Exchanges may be for individuals or groups.

The purpose of this exchange, as with the current Youth Exchange Program, is to foster goodwill and understanding through better cultural education and exposure.

This is a club-to-club or district-to-district arrangement as approved by the incumbent District Governor. The District Governors of a proposed exchange must mutually agree to conduct the exchange. Arrangements for the exchange should be made through the District Youth Exchange Chairman. It is recommended that transportation costs for the participants be borne by the sending club or district, and that the host club or district shall provide meals, lodging and local transportation.

Districts wishing to participate in this type of exchange should administer it as part of the existing Youth Exchange structure. Please refer to Chapter 8 of the Youth Exchange Handbook for guidelines on developing a short term exchange. The short-term exchange application form may need to be adapted to accommodate older participants.

Many Rotary Districts around the world is actively involved in New Generations Exchange (NGE) Program already. An NGE Student applies to their sponsoring District. If NGE applicant is accepted as an exchange student, the application will be sent to his or her host country. Your application will serve as your introduction to the people who are being asked to host you. It is important that the first impression an NGE applicant make be a good impression. Complete application given to you by your District carefully. All grammar and spelling should be correct. And remember neatness counts.

This referred application provides hosting Rotary Clubs and Districts basic information from which New Generations exchange placements can be made. Applications must be legible. Typed or computer generated applications are preferred. Answer all questions as asked. Do not write “same” or “see page,” etc. Type answers on the application except where otherwise indicated. Practice on a draft copy of the application to make sure your answers fit in the space provided.

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS when applying as an NGE student::

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