Echo Application Form 2017 – 2018

What Is & Why Echo?:

Echo is a movement to bridge the gap of inequitable education between the public and private sector schools in India. It is a platform, which raises awareness of the inequities in our education system and puts into action a sustainable solution all members of the community can support.

Echo is a joint movement by the Rotary Club of Bombay (RCB) and Rotaract Clubs, led on the Rotaract side by the Rotaract Club of HR College (RCHR).

The 2017-2018 Echo will see us working with 200 municipal school students in the finale week and across the year we will have opportunities to impact several hundred other lives leaving us forever changed and impacting our country in ways that will leave the world wondering how a third world country is now setting the benchmark in education.

Application Guidelines: 

  • Each question must be answered clearly and completely.
  • If necessary, additional pages of the same size may be attached.
  • It is mandatory complete and submit this application in order to have an opportunity to be selected for the Echo 2017-18 Organising Committee (OC)
  • The Echo 2018 finale week will happen either in the first or second week of April 2018, by submitting this application you are confirming that you will be available during that week.
  • Applicants selected will need to successfully complete an 8-session leadership development program before being selected into the final OC.
    • Sessions to be held between December 2017 – March 2018
    • Each session will be for 3 hours
    • There is NO COST for attending these sessions
  • Interviews will be held during the first two weeks of November 2017.
  • Incomplete or incorrect information may result in a rejected application
  • Completed applications will be accepted until Thursday, November 9, 2017 at 5pm
  • Application forms to be mailed on
  • It is mandatory to bring the Application Form during the Interview.
  • Contact Information: 91671-19282 or 88798-72664 or

Required Documents:

Any ONE of the following:

  1. Club Certificate, stating you are a Rotaractor
  2. Letter from your President on your club’s letterhead certifying you as a Rotaractor

AND The attached duly completed and signed Parental Permission Form

To Apply – please download and fill the following form

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