Arogya Mela Medical Camp

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he ‘Arogya Mela Medical Camp’ organized by Rotary Dist.3140 – Service 15, which was recently held (4 – 6th December, 2015) at The Phoenix Compound Lower Parel, offered Rotarians free services and education on Yoga therapy and Yogic culture. The well-known Yoga institute, Kaivalyadhama (Lonavla) and their Center at ICYHC, Mumbai assisted the RCB to ensure that the camp was an effective and successful event.

Day one started with an inauguration ceremony at 11.00 am by Rotary Dist.3140 Governor Subhash Kulkarni, post which the chief guest, the President and head of the event RCB Queen City and a few members visited various stalls. Numerous people seeking remedies for various ailments were which, professional Yoga teachers taught them various remedial practices The concept and essence of Yoga was also comprehensively explained to all who visited Yoga stall of Rotary Club of Bombay. A short, useful skit was performed by the Instructors of ICYHC, Kaivalyadhama, Mumbai, elucidating the importance of applying Yoga in today’s life. With an attendance of 124 Rotarians over the three day medical camp, the Arogya Mela was a resounding success, helping Rotarians imbibe the indispensable benefits of Yoga.

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