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Cancer Screening camp was conducted at St. Anthony High School with the support of Navjeen Centre on 12th October, 2017 for sex workers

Total No. of individuals Screened 82
Follow up cases 42

Rotary Club of bombay in partnership with CPAA is creating awareness for early detection through regular check ups.

Our emphasis is on early detection of Oral Cancers, Uterine Cancer, Cervical Cancer and Breast Cancer – these being the most common cancers in our country.

It was difficult to convince these women for internal check up and the efficient CPAA team and Ms. Minal motivated them to come forward for internal check ups and how it will help them.

Rotaryanne Ekta shah helped in coordination and arrangements.

The screening program involved the following examinations/tests:-

  • The Head & Neck examination included an Indirect Laryngoscopy (IDL), visual examination of the oral cavity – Buccal Mucosa, Hard & Soft Palate, Tongue and Gingivobuccal Sulcus for pre-cancerous lesions; along with a complete earnose- throat checkup by an ENT specialist / Head & Neck surgeon
  • The gynecological examination for women consisted of an internal examination, including a per-speculum visual inspection of the uterine cervix, a Pap Smear Test (cytological examination) for early detection of Cervical Cancer and clinical examination (palpation) of the breasts. All the women were taught breast self examination
  • Routine Blood Test – Haemoglobin & White Blood Count to identify infections or anemic conditions
  • A complete general check-up by a Physician
  • The Surgeon will assess the results and advice follow-up activities, which may include further Radiological investigations and Mammograms, if necessary which will be done by CPAA for free
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