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With Rtn. Manoj Israni’s generous donation, RCB kicks off CSMVS’s renovation

The drive to contribute something precious to art and culture made the art collector in Rtn. Manoj Israni donate Rs 75 lakh towards an LEED platinum certification for Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya and its façade

Manoj Israni said, “There isn’t much importance attached to museums in India like there is in other countries. I hope to get more museums in India, better ones, in order to preserve and conserve the vast and prestigious heritage. Art is my passion, I feel it’s better to contribute to Indian art and culture this way rather than buy a painting.”

LEED certification is sought by museums undergoing renovation or new construction, for the environmental benefits derived from achieving it as well as the cachet it lends. The illumination of the façade and lawns will highlight the beautiful building in an energy-friendly way for the visitors. RCB is helping enhance the heritage structure and the
museum is to be illuminated from sunset to midnight.

The Environment Management Certification Programme was launched in June as a response to the serious issue of global
warming that is affecting everyone. As a museum that has evolved in time and grown in popularity, CSMVS today is accountable towards ensuring sustainability with its actions.

Taking into consideration the climate change, the museum hopes to preserve the art collection against perpetual climate change by adopting a green museum of which the Environment Certification is a big step.

The foundation plaque was laid by RIPE Mark Maloney at CSMVS. Rotary members work together to identify solutions to challenges. Together they channel international resources in promoting peace, alleviating poverty, providing clean water and sanitation, fighting disease, supporting education, saving mothers and children, growing local economies and ending polio, said RIPE Mark Maloney.

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