Free eye check-up for seniors at Ananda Yaan

 In Ananda Yaan

A regular eye exam is the most impactful investment in wellness! The Rotary Club of Bombay thanks Dr. Radhika Krishnan, CEO of Aditya Jyot Foundation, for making eye exams free for RCB projects. She organised free eye checkup
camps for more than 250 Bhavishya Yaan children and 220 Ananda Yaan senior citizens through the Aditya Jyot Foundation.

These camps were meticulously coordinated by programme coordinator Sagar Chakor and his team of doctors who brought not only their medical expertise but also big smiles, bigger hearts and unending energy.

The Aditya Jyot Foundation conducted one such camp for 110 members of Ananda Yaan (Dr. E. Moses Road Centre) on January 31, 2019. Out of the 110 who were tested, 60 people needed spectacles. Around 35 from this number will be wearing spectacles for the first time which will be provided to them free of cost.

Making the community aware of eye problems and their prevention was the main focus of the event. After registration, vision was checked for all patients. Past ophthalmic history was also recorded. Surgeries of four cataract patients were performed at Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital, Wadala.

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