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On the 9th of August, 2018, the Child Welfare Committee of Rotary Club of Bombay inaugurated their first initiative—
Project Lighthouse in association with NGO Vidya our educational partners in the project.

Project Lighthouse is an after school program providing educational support and guidance for children from KG to 4th Standard from the Bhai Bhandarkar Machimar Nagar fishing community at Cuffe Parade.

Lighthouse aims to empower underprivileged children with a combination of aural, visual, physical skills and above all, a conducive social environment.

All this is made possible at the Centre through various activities like creative art and craft, drama, elocution, storytelling and yoga with dance. These activities help to build confidence and self-worth in the children which brings out the best in them, in a non-competitive environment.

We help these children and their parents to prepare for interviews so that they get into English medium schools and
post admission, the students are guided and supported to be able to assimilate with their peers.

The goal is to develop their personality and nurture them in an overall holistic way so as to help them grow up to become hardworking and confident adults.

To welcome the Rotarians, guests and the parents, the children showcased a few performances of the activities done at the Lighthouse Project premises.

They started with young Kindergarten stars singing a prayer, “Gods Love”. Then, a story telling through puppets was demonstrated, followed by a poem “Piggy On The Railway Line” by the 1st and the 2nd Std. students.

Std. 4 children did a small dramatisation of a school interview, showing how Lighthouse activities helps the children and parents cope with school interviews in the mainstream English medium schools.

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