Little girl bats for Jumbo

 In Animal Welfare

Serena turned 9 on March 25th and even though she lives far away in the snowy climes of Geneva she is aware of the harsh treatment of elephants in India.

On her 9th birthday Serena could have thought entirely of herself, instead she has chosen to make a birthday gift to the Rotary Club of Bombay, to be used to help the Indian elephant. An endangered species, many Indian elephants are illtreated in the tourist trade, endure terrible conditions on logging farms, have been chained in temples and forced to beg on the streets by rapacious owners. As per WWF figures the Indian elephant population stands at less than 25000 and there are approximately 415,000 African elephants.

Serena is a multi-talented child who enjoys dancing, singing, science experiments, playing chess, athletics, kayaking and camping. She is a member of Panda club, a juniors’ club of World Wild life Fund. To see compassion for animals in the young is a symbol of hope for the world. Here’s wishing our little angel Serena a very happy birthday!

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