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One of the biggest flagship events carried out successfully by the Team Club Service of RC Hinduja College, named as “Matheran Hike”, where attendees were taken to Matheran Hill Station with the motive of fun, enjoyment and forming bonds among themselves.

Around 77 attendees including club members and guests participated in the event. To make the hiking memorable, various activities were planned and performed such as a Scavenger hunt game; a confession game was played wherein attendees were asked to write down a confession on a piece of paper and these were later read out by the event Chairpersons. This enabled the attendees to know about themselves by the confessions written by others.

Since the response for the hike was high, the attendees were mesmerized by the activities planned for them and also the arrangements done for them. This helped in receiving positive feedback from attendees and building up goodwill of the club.

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