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Republic Day inauguration of Jal Jeevan plants

Jal Jeevan inaugurated water purification plants at Jeevandhara Kanya Ashram Shala, Ashagad, Dahanu city, and at Adivasi Seva Mandal School & Hostel, Talwada on January 26, 2019. The Ashagad facility will benefit 550 children and 25 faculty members while the Talwada facility will provide water to over a thousand students and 30 faculty members.

Jal Jeevan, an initiative of the Rotary Club of Bombay, is all about providing safe drinking water to slums, schools and public places in and around Mumbai. Jal Jeevan starts with a need assessment and if the results are positive, the source of water is assessed and raw water is tested to estimate its quality. An appropriate purification plant is installed on the premises along with a maintenance contract. Simultaneously, Jal Jeevan works with the community to train them to run and operate the water purification plant on a day-to-day basis.

So far, Jal Jeevan has already established water plants at slums centres at Rafi Nagar and Sathenagar. This has directly benefited over 20,000 people. In addition, Jal Jeevan has installed purification plants at 11 schools in Malvani, Malad benefiting 4,700 students, at the four hostels of JJ Hospital benefiting over a thousand students, our own Bhavishya Yaan schools and the Anjuman Islam High School (Kurla) benefiting over 6,500 students and faculty members.

Recently, Jal Jeevan embarked on a project to install drinking water purification plants in 14 villages that won the Water Cup (an initiative of the Paani Foundation wherein villages are rewarded for their work and accomplishments on watershed management). Besides, it is also pursuing an active project to provide drinking water solutions to 10
villages in the Jalna region. In addition, approximately 35-40 more villages (from the Paani Foundation initiative)
across Maharashtra will be provided safe drinking water solutions in the next six months.

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