Urban Conservation Committee Report 2016

 In Urban Conservation (Asiatic Society)

The Urban Conservation Committee successfully executed the extension of the Conservation Laboratory at the Asiatic Society, and the restoration space is already being utilized. This project got widespread publicity in various daily newspapers, and generated a lot of awareness for Rotary Club and its activities.

The committee also hosted an evening Rotary Meeting on 20th September, 2016 and invited Ramon Magsaysay Award winner, Mr P. Sainath to address the Club at the Darbar Hall of the Asiatic Society.

The committee also oversees the maintenance of the Asiatic Society premises in collaboration with Forbes Facility Management to ensure that the books and storage areas are completely dust-free. Also, the funds for restoration of 100 books, which were collected last year, have be deployed, so that the books are taken up for restoration.
Projects planned for the second half of the current Rotary year include:

1. Restoration of the existing Conservation Laboratory at the Asiatic Society – The detailed plan for the same is being prepared, and the work is expected to be completed before June 2017.
2. Three garden islands outside Town Hall are now available for maintenance by Rotary Club of Bombay – While the design is ready, the permission to initiate work awaited.
3. Undertake all internet and social media activities for the Asiatic Society for the next three years with a view to expand membership and awareness – Funds for the same are intended to be raised through minifund raisers.
4. An evening of eclectic World Music in the Central Hall of the Town Hall in February 2017 is being proposed to showcase the fabulous renovation done by architect and Rotary Award winner Abha Lambah and the PWD. Last year RCB donated 3 chandeliers for this space. We propose this to be a sponsored and donor pass event.
5. An evening in the Darbar Hall with Rage Productions (Shernaz Patel and Rajit Kapur) with one-act monologues on the City of Mumbai is being proposed. This will be a sponsored and donor pass event in March 2017.

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