Water Cup Award Ceremony

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The Water Cup Award ceremony was attended by Rtn. Abhishek Saraf and PP Rtn. Sandip Agarwala on Sunday, 12th August.

It was a very uplifting experience to witness 80 winners selected from over 4000 villages for their achievements in Water Self Sufficiency.

Each village received prizes ranging from the top cash award of `75 lakhs to a minimum of `10 lakhs. The CM added another `5 lakhs to each winner and also an amount of `5 lakhs and `3 lakhs to each of the 75 villages who finished 2nd and 3rd.

Rotary is committed to providing safe drinking water facilities to each of the 80 winning villages at an average cost of `7-8 lakhs per villlage. We already have sponsors in place for 40 villages.

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