Eleventh Annual Golf Tournament

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Like the preceding of last several years, the Sports Committee plans to continue with the motto of spreading goodwill and fellowship through sports.

What started off as a challenge on the greens of the US Club in South Bombay in 2008 has flourished and blossomed into a full-blown tree which is now known as the Annual Golf Tournament of the Rotary Club of Bombay. It attracts all the talents in the Club and has also led to quiet inquiries about participation from non-members.

Though the first event had attracted a modest 17 players, by the time the sixth edition was played in January, 2013, their number had almost doubled to 32, of varying age groups from 10-70. This event has become one of the flagship events in our rotary calendar and participants and the members of the club look forward to this tournament.

We are pleased to inform you that this will be the 11th year, since the tournament started in 2008.

And all thanks to Moy Biswas who has gone to great lengths to make the event such a resounding success. Working quietly behind the scenes, the family and the office staff of Moy have also played a significant role in the growth of the tournament.

In the year 2010, Biswas family instituted a specially-designed golf trophy to be awarded to the winner of the annual tournament.

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