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Clockwork precision and months of hard work went into staging the super-extravagant Race for Humanity, held last weekend on November 25. Race for Humanity was about fellowship, raising funds, networking and enjoyment.

As for the Rotarians, every event was important to them so many were looking forward to the Inter City forum later that evening with RIPE Mark Maloney’s speech while others were chained to their seats for the Atul Khatri stand-up comedy performance. From funny worlds created by words to imaginary ones created by sleight of hand, illusionist
Mangesh Desai had the audience buying his tricks and eating out of his hands.

The Race for Humanity was an opportunity to bring Rotary to citizens who otherwise might not know the work the organisation is doing. Mileage and coverage were important aspects with Rotary working in varied areas. As PR becomes
absolutely necessary, the Race for Humanity with PR, provided an ambience to enjoy outside the corporate set-up as well as help increase Rotary membership. This eventually enabled to raise more funds and the energy helped the Rotarians work as well as donate more towards the cause.

Rotarians were also looking forward to the Intercity forum to hear the address by RIPE Mark Maloney who was addressing the Rotarians about the future of the Rotary. He emphasized on the eradication of polio as the priority and encouraged Rotarians to work together hand in hand for the cause.



PRID & Past
TRF Trustee Ashok Mahajan

It is an annual event. The Rotary turn-up is good for the main objective of raising funds.
PDG Vijay Jalan
This helps to promote the good that Rotary does for the community as well help to boost membership.
DG Shashikumar Sharma
The hard work of the last three months has paid off with the success of the event. Publicity on hoardings and buses reached many. Everyone enjoyed the event with their family and friends.
RIDE Kamal Sanghvi
It is an opportunity to do large projects because this is how you raise funds for large, sustainable projects. It is good for fellowship. You see people mingle and create stronger bonds. It gives people the opportunity to watch the races and share the notion that it is not just a rich or elite sport. We are putting our energy to make the world a better place to live in..
RIDE (Dr.) Bharat Pandya
The fellowship, raising funds and doing service using the funds for betterment of society is the objective. When the money goes to The Rotary foundation it is used in a most effective and efficient manner for the charity purposes. So the two main urges of friendship – fellowship and service, are satisfied with the Race for Humanity.
PRIP Rajendra K. Saboo
People come here to gamble but this human nature is also about giving. The habit has to be inculcated. If you can combine the two then people can enjoy the occasion. It is a good opportunity and I commend the Rotarians to have thought of it. Rotary is not just an organisation that meets within four walls but also outside, promoting world peace and developing an acquaintance with the world.
RIPE Mark Maloney
A premier race course in South Asia devoted to promoting and supporting Rotary projects is amazing. It is innovative fund-raising activity and with that also a public image activity which is creating awareness of Rotary and the partnership that Rotary has, both commercial and charitable.
DGN Sunil Mehra
It started with trying to raise money for the foundation and over the years it has matured enough to increase the contribution plus the fellowship. You get to meet Rotarians as with the bifurcation of the district there is an invisible border. I look forward to meeting new people which does not happen otherwise. Bonding with friends gives you the platform to reach out to help society.
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