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Dear Friends,

It is my privilege to welcome Rotary International President Elect Mark Daniel Maloney, of the Rotary Club of Decatur, Alabama, USA, to the Rotary Club of Bombay.

A Principal in the law firm, Blackburn, Maloney, and Schuppert LLC, with a focus on taxation, estate planning, and agricultural law, RIPE Mark Maloney represents large farming operations in the Southeastern and Midwestern United States. He has chaired the American Bar Association’s Committee on Agriculture in the section of taxation and is a Member of the American Bar Association, Alabama State Bar Association, and the Alabama Law Institute.

A significant portion of RIPE Mark Maloney’s practice is devoted to agricultural law, in which he advises farmers, landowners, and related agricultural businesses. The agricultural legal services he provides includes advising for federal farm programe matters, income and estate taxation, and liability issues, as well as estate planning for farmers and large landowners. RIPE Mark Maloney brings a unique perspective to his agriculture law practice, having grown up on a farm in Illinois.

As part of his agricultural law services, RIPE Mark Maloney regularly designs business structures for farming operations and prepares farm operating plans for filing with the Farm Service Agency of the US Department of Agriculture. He also represents farmers and farming operations in administrative hearings before the Farm Service Agency and the National Appeals Division of the US Department of Agriculture.

A Rotarian since 1980, RIPE Mark Maloney has served as an RI Director; Foundation Trustee and Vice Chair; and Aide to 2003-04 RI President Jonathan Majiyagbe. He also has participated in the Council on Legislation as Chair, Vice Chair,
Parliamentarian, and Trainer. He was an Advisor to the 2004 Osaka Convention Committee and chaired the 2014 Sydney
Convention Committee.

He also served as Future Vision Committee Vice Chair; Foundation Training Institute Moderator; Foundation Permanent Fund National Advisor; Member of the Peace Center’s Committee; and Advisor to the Foundation’s Water, Sanitation, and
Hygiene in the Schools Target Challenge Committee.

Maloney’s spouse, PP Rtn. Gay Maloney, is an attorney in the same law firm, and a Member and Past President of the Rotary Club of Decatur Daybreak, Alabama, USA. Both RIPE Mark Maloney and PP Rtn. Gay Maloney are Paul Harris Fellows, Major Donors, and Bequest Society members.

Thank You,
Rtn. Vijay Jatia,

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