Radiology Department opening at IWA Clinic

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Supported by the Women’s Empowerment Committee, the IWA Clinic introduced a new service with a soft opening of their Radiology Department on Friday, 6th October. Rtn. Arin Master, Rtn. Tanya Sood, Rtn. Natasha Treasurywala (also members of IWA) and Rtn. Framroze Mehta were present and Tanya did the honours of being the first, by bravely “toe”ing the line and having an X-Ray taken of her foot.

The cost for digitally displayed X-Rays has been majorlysubsidized to Rs. 150/- and in the event that a patient wants a physical copy of the X-Ray, it would be supplied at an additional cost of only Rs. 50/-.

The X-Ray equipment has been generously donated byRtn. Shernaz Vakil. Renovation of the Radiology Department and installation of some allied equipment has been undertaken by The Rotary Club of Bombay, out of generous donations given by Rtn. Shekhar Bajaj.

Besides the newly opened Radiology Department the IWA Clinic offers Gynaecology, Dentistry, Paediatric and General Practice services to the underprivileged at very subsidized rates.

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