Inaugration of Jal Jeevan

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Inauguration of Jal Jeevan – safe drinking water facilities in 3 municipal schools.

The Water Resources Committee inaugurated Jal Jeevan safe drinking water facilities in 3 municipal schools (where our Bhavishya Yaan are also conducted) in association with Indus International as under:

1. Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Municipal School, Worli (over 1000 students)
2. N M Joshi Marg Municipal Secondary School, Lower Parel (over 200 students)
3. G.K. Marg Municipal School, Lower Parel (over 1000 students)

Safe drinking water together with flitration and cooling machines were installed in all the schools much to the delight of school children and staff, proving to be an absolute boon to all especially in the summer months.

The inauguration ceremony was held on10th January, 2018 and was attended by President Ramesh, PP Sandip Agarwalla, Rtn Jamshed Vakharia, R/Ann Avaan Vakharia, Principal Mane and a number of ladies from Indus International including, Mrs Sandhya Vora and Mrs Selma Kriegner– Co- Presidents and R/Ann Radhika Kaji and others of Indus cut the red ribbon . Presidents Ramesh and Sandhya welcome the gathering and PP Sandip, spoke a few words on Jal Jeevan and Bhavishya Yaan programmes of the Rotary Club of Bombay. The children impressed the visitors with their computer projects and presentation on Bhavishya Yaan which was avidly watched by PP Sandip sitting in the first row of the BY class!

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