Prevention is better than cure!

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Keeping in mind that senior citizens of the new Ananda Yaan (Dr E. Moses Road) Centre did not have any previous medical reports, a comprehensive check-up camp was organised on February 2, 2019. This was efficiently conducted by a team from KJ Somaiya Hospital and coordinated by Mr. Dilip from the Dignity Foundation.

The team, comprising 12 doctors, came to the centre with a medical van. There were two general physicians, a gynaecologist, an orthopaedic surgeon, an ECG operator, and a pharmacologist. A private enclosure was created at the centre for personal check-ups. A total of 114 people (Ananda Yaan members and their family) were provided all of the
above check-ups with free health tips and medicine. Twenty-one people got ECG tests done as well.

Members also showed blood reports from a camp recently conducted by RCB at the same centre. They were guided by the team from K J Somaiya Hospital. RCB is grateful for their generosity in making each member comfortable and addressing all their queries.

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