Sukhada – Wins Toilet Blocks Project Going Strong

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Last year on 8th December, the Sukhada – Wins Toilet Blocks project was inaugurated by RIPE John Germ at Chembur. This was in keeping also with the focus on ‘Dignity of women’ urged upon by the PM, Narendra Modi to all parliamentarians and the corporate sector, to build separate toilets for girls in schools across the country. Avenue Chairperson Kalpana Munshi, one of the leaders of the project shares the progress on the same, Javed Ali set to wow all! The IWA Clinic at Fort “We are building 500 toilets of the best quality for girl students so that they continue going to school. We are also distributing a full year’s supply of sanitary napkins for each girl; and installing incinerators to dispose the sanitary napkins in schools. It’s a very satisfying project to see that smile on the faces of these young girls.

We have also 22 toilet-seats on behalf of Inner Wheel and RCB, which will be inaugurated soon. Girls are in very bad shape as they have to wait to defecate till dusk. As soon as they reach puberty they have to leave school as there are no toilets and privacy. They go through a lot of pain to control themselves through the day and fall prey to so many diseases. This projects will restore respect to woman. These toilets are of the best quality and are easy to maintain. 365 toilets are under construction and more than 100 toilets are already inaugurated at various sites including Vada, Thane, Palghar, Boisar, Vajreshwari and Dahanu.”

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